Colouring Over the White Line details the history of black footballers in Britain.  It records and celebrated the careers of many players, some of whom achieved great things, and others who were little more than journey-man footballers.  Yet it is a history that should not have had to be written.

It has been said by many Black players that while they are proud of what they are- Black men - this is secondary to who they are: footballers.  However, what unites them is the consistent response of prejudice to the colour of their skin which has forced them apart from their colleagues.

Colouring Over the White Line is, essentially, a collection of tales about the Black Diaspora in an increasingly multicultural Britain, given the structure and coherence through the prism of professional football.

These last two chapters discuss the impact Black footballers have had on the game in Britain over the last thirty years, the obstacles they faced and those yet unconquered.

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