Walter Tull and why he should get his Military Cross

To award Tull his medal will have a practical and symbolic significance: it will right an historic injustice to an individual; serve as a belated recognition of the collective acts of bravery and gallantry by Black soldiers; and act as an apology for their second-rate treatment as combatants during the war and veterans after when they were overlooked and ignored in the London victory parades. It will, most importantly, draw a line under the historic injustice caused by the colour bar in the military.

Why are the CIA secretly collecting your DNA?

Military and intelligence community interpretations of the science potential now envisages the truly frightening scenario where gene modification can be instigated without the knowledge of the victims/recipients, spreading from person to person through bodily fluids or and/or contact.

The economic exploitation and sexual abuse of the child footballer in professional football

The title of this piece is an oxymoron: children cannot be professional footballers. Yet, for some adults involved in the professional football industry, child footballers are treated as such and, as a consequence, abused and exploited by the clubs they play for. The adults range from coaches to parents, from players to scouts. (I write […]

Clumping Chump Trump

Is it a syrup? Is it blow dried? Does he think he looks convincing? All questions about the US president elect that don’t need explaining but don’t need asking either. Yet, that didn’t stop liberal journalists  asking them as they cried onto their keyboards. The election of Trump, however, does necessitate asking and answering much more relevant […]

The British Army, the First World War, enlistment, conscription and ‘race’.

The achievements of Walter Tull and his fellow men of colour in arms profoundly contradicted the prevailing view of the military and political elites, embodied by the Army Council and the War Office that people of colour were genetically and biologically inferior; that White soldiers would not willingly serve alongside or accept orders from soldiers and officers of colour; and that having soldiers of colour in regular British regiments would be bad for morale and discipline. Tull and his band of brothers undermined all these notions.

The Tradition of Black Radicalism in Britain

Black radicalism in the UK didn’t begin with the urban rebellions of the late 1970s and 1980s. Or visit of Malcolm X to Britain in 1965. Or with the formation of the communist-led Indian Workers Association in Coventry in 1953. Or with the Pan-African Congress in Manchester in 1945. Or with the formation of the […]

Can we have the return of laws against homosexuality and a culture of rampant racism as well, Ms May?

So, along with those other returning characteristics of pre-welfare state inequality such as homelessness, rickets, poverty wages, harsh working conditions, callous ruling class arrogance and degeneracy, constant debt, brutal imperial conquests etc etc we now have the possibility of another divisive instrument from the past being foisted upon us nationally, the grammar school. The Ministry […]

The quiet Corbyn revolution

I worry about JC’s safety. He is the Establishment’s worst nightmare

The State We’re In

The Paris outrages have mobilised a range of forces: grief, solidarity, reflection being the most prolific. However, internationally, the Establishment have used the killings to push forward their agenda in a practical way. Cameron immediately sanctioned a £100m increase in the Security Services budget and called for increased cyber surveillance; Obama also called for increased […]