Felt and Batten

A novel where roofer meets refugee; hedonism meets idealism and the distinction between madness and sanity blurs.


As a quietener roofer Billy French is awarded a prestigious and big-money contract by the corrupt bursar of Archer College, Cambridge. Billy’s gypsy wife and business partner, the hard-nosed, finely curved Franka has secret plans for the pot of gold. They’re on their way … until a posse of middle class duckers and divers intervene.


Dani Nkpagayee, Ogoni activist and torture victim, is forced to escape his polluted homeland of the Niger Delta, where oil companies have free reign. He finds spiritual solace with Azikiwe the goat. Yet, seeking political asylum in the UK, he enters a world even more insane.

Felt and Batten

Phil Vasili reading the opening pages of his first novel

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