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Tull at the Octagon Theatre Bolton

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The Crack

Cross-dressing Crack addict Simeon French lives a double life: machismo plasterer/labourer on his dad Billy’s building firm; cross-dressing goth diarist through the night. Only his politically active (goth) girlfriend Sarah keeps his head from exploding. However, Billy’s generosity in employing his friends – and Simeon’s subsequent muleing for the manor’s middle-class drug barons, Belinda and Henry - lays bare the irrepressible contradictions in Simeon’s life. Using uncharacteristic violence, Billy risks all to rekindle some peace and harmony in his troubled son’s life.


The Crack, by Phil Vasili, was performed at the Camden People’s Theatre, NW1 in October 2010

The Beautiful Game


A play about the sporting achievements and turbulent love life of the world's first Black professional footballer Arthur Wharton

'The Beuatiful Game' Flyer

The Octagon Theatre presents the World Premiere of Tull, the true story of professional footballer and World War One hero Walter Tull - an exceptional young man, a hero on the pitch and the battlefield.


Inspirational, dramatic and moving - this is his story.


Tull's exceptional talent as a footballer led to him being signed by Tottenham Hotspur in 1909 - only the second black footballer to play professionally in Great Britain. His achievements on the pitch, as both a sportsman and a gentleman, were recognised in the press by one journalist, reporting on a match against Manchester United, who stated "Tull is so clean in mind and method as to be a model for all white men who play football whether they be amateur or professional."


When the Great War broke out in 1914 Tull signed up and soon demonstrated a natural flair to lead and inspire on the battlefield. Despite military regulations forbidding "any negro or person of colour" being an officer, Tull's heroism in battle was rewarded in may 1917, overcoming racial prejudice and becoming the first black combat officer in the British Army.


Phil Vasili, author of the biography Walter Tull: 1888-1918: Officer, Footballer, has worked with David Thacker to develop the play following years of research into the life of Walter Tull. With a campaign to posthumously decorate Tull for his war efforts reaching parliament and the news of racial equality on the pitch covering newspapers across the country, Walter Tull's story has never been more relevant.


Tull, by Phil Vasili and director David Thacker, ran from Thursday 21 February - Saturday 16 March 2013 at the Octagon Theatre Bolton

The Crack

The full stage play script

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