the crack

Chemicals addict Simeon French lives a double life: machismo plasterer/labourer on his dad Billy’s building firm; cross-dressing goth diarist through the night. Only his politically active (goth) girlfriend Sarah keeps his head from exploding. However, Billy’s generosity in employing his friends – and Simeon’s subsequent muleing for the manor’s middle-class drug barons, Belinda and Henry - lays bare the irrepressible contradictions in Simeon’s life. Using uncharacteristic violence, Billy risks all to rekindle some peace and harmony in his troubled son’s life.

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Hammer and Thongs

Hammer and Thongs is short doc about women builders. Hammers and Thongs are going on a journey, to explore a new world, to seek out a new venture, to boldly go where no women have gone before. It's a mission of no return, win or bust, success or... the alternative does not feature.

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The Walter Tull Film

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Gold Coast Showman

A film about Arthur Wharton, the script co-written with Irvine Welsh

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